New Photo Project!


Today is the launch of my friend, Laura Cotler’s website. I was fortunate to do the photography for her. What a great experience!

You will find it here:

We began shooting in January and now the website is up and running.  It looks great!

Doing commercial photography is a new avenue for me to explore. I had so much fun with Laura’s photo shoot project. Working with all the people in the shoot was so interesting.  I wanted them to feel comfortable so they would look their best. Personally, I am very uncomfortable having my photo taken. So, it was very important to me that every person I photographed felt completely at ease. I got so many beautiful photographs of everyone.  I think it is pretty easy to tell what a wonderful Pilates studio Laura has and what a welcoming atmosphere she and her fellow Pilates teachers have created.

Thanks, Laura, for the opportunity to photograph Lift Pilates.

*I even got to try my hand at pet photography when Laura had me photograph her with her “Pilates dog”, Ruby.  This is one of my favorite images of the shoot!



2 thoughts on “New Photo Project!

  1. It was such a fun shoot and you had such creative ideas! This was the very first time I’ve had my picture taken and didn’t feel nervous. I usually do something weird when I have my picture taken but you made me feel so calm and natural in front of the camera! I really love all my pictures and the website looks amazing. Thank you Nancy!


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